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This portion of our website is designed to provide important tips to coalitions for building your movement and making the S.T.O.P.S. mission a reality. Updates will be made often and posted in our Newsroom and eNews. Please send us any suggestions or effective efforts from your coalition to

Helpful Links for Coalition Building Materials: BACCHUS and GAMMA are developing affordable, effective, and innovative guides for policy and programming.  The latest guides even include how to use MySpace and YouTube technologies to promote tobacco prevention and control initiatives.  Order some today! 
Advocacy Center at ISC "Making social justice leadership strategic, effective, and sustainable"

Prevention Institute:
"Putting prevention at the center of community well-being" Developing Effective Coalitions An Eight Step Guide

The Tension of Turf: Making It Work for the Coalition

Activities You Can Do On YOUR Campus!

Many coalitions in the state of Maryland and other states around the country have creative events to engage the campus community in activities related to tobacco awareness and cessation outreach.

For event ideas submitted by colleges and universities around the country, check out Sample Tobacco Programs put together by and

We would like to post your ideas here so that Maryland STOPS coalitions can share ideas and host similar events.  Email us at with a description of your successful event and we will post it on this page!

What have Maryland STOPS groups been up to?

Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Comedy Show:

Rene Hicks, an international comedian, performed at the Bloomberg Center at Johns Hopkins on March 26, 2008.  Rene never smoked, but she was diagnosed with lung cancer from her exposure to secondhand smoke at comedy clubs.  Now her passion is to be an example for others by aiding them in overcoming major obstacles and upheavals in their own lives with humor.

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